training program: 4 half days, virtual classroom

Certified Transfer Designer

Certified Transfer Designer

En kurs för dig som vill skapa utbildningsinsatser som gör stor skillnad med små medel
"Anyone who has serious intentions of creating impact cannot ignore the 12 levers. I do not know of a toolbox that offers a wider range of ways to improve the effectiveness of training."
– Dirk Rosomm, Educational Innovator
"Anyone who has serious intentions of creating impact cannot ignore the 12 levers. I do not know of a toolbox that offers a wider range of ways to improve the effectiveness of training."
– Dirk Rosomm, Educational Innovator
“Linus har föreläst om Nudging för våra medlemsföretag vid flera tillfällen. Han har en unik förmåga att förklara mänskligt beteende som är både spännande och inspirerande!”
– Cia Vakoufari, Affärsutvecklare, Västsvenska Handelskammaren

Do these questions sound familiar?

How much of the training content transfers in practice?

What are the levers to increase the transfer rate?

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of a training?

How do I develop transfer concepts that really work?

How do I win the executives to consistently back transfer?

Which tools and interventions increase transfer success?

What experiences do other companies have with the topic of transfer?

How do I implement transfer design in my project?

How can I systematically manage transfer success?

...then this program might just be for you!

As a Certified Transfer Designer, you apply the transfer effectiveness levers in practice. With these scientifically proven, manageable factors, you develop customized transfer concepts. You become part of the transfer community and benefit from the best tools and the latest practical knowledge.


Recommend this program to their colleagues!

"The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented, so that the energy invested by participants, concept developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning and confirmation."

– Julia Furchner, Audi AG

Your goal: Becoming a better L&D professional

As an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer...

  • You know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it.
  • You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level.
  • You want effectiveness to be your USP and seek access to the exclusive transfer community of people who think and act like you.

The Transfer Designer Certification will help you achieve all of these.

"Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!"

– Anna Priwater, Silhouette International

Transfer goals

What you can achieve with this program...

  • Your training (programs) achieve a lasting impact because you design and implement customized and research-based transfer concepts.
  • You use the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness
    to develop transfer tools and interventions that are compatible and tailored to the company and the participants​.
  • Through the transfer effectiveness of your training, you can verifiably increase the value and impact of your training programs.


Melanie Martinelli

Melanie Martinelli combines entrepreneurial spirit with 15+ years of experience in L&D to help build memorable & results-based learning experiences. Being a Certified KP Facilitator and Transfer Enabler, she applies strong business acumen & a deep understanding of what makes learning stick. Melanie is the co-owner of the Learning Gym, where the focus is on upskilling learning professionals in the field of training design, delivery, and evaluation.


Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel is a scientist, author, university lecturer and consultant. She is the developer of the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness and as CEO of the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness, she works relentlessly to make scientific findings applicable in practice.

also included in the price

The book What makes training really work by Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Lifetime Access to Online Transfer Toolbox (Unit price € 950,-)

The haptic Transfer toolbox with more than 50 Best-Practice Transfer Tool Ideas, the 12 Lever Card set and much more

One-to-one transfer sparring conversations with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel or your Transfer Enabler

Individual support and advice for the development of your training transfer concept

The certification as Transfer Designer incl. your personal certification interview

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