Move your classroom into the digital space

Right now, many physical training programs need to get reshaped into digital alternatives. At Knowly we’re well-versed in digital learning, and we’re here to help you succeed with the transition. Let’s create digital trainings, together!

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In transitioning to digital, we need to think differently

One challenge is that the available time in the virtual classroom is shorter. Therefore we must move most of the content, reflection and practice that would otherwise take place in the classroom, to the time before and after.

In physical trainings, most of the work revolves around the classroom

Aside from all the presentations, exercises and other activities in the classroom, there’s also the logistical side of things – food, venue, guest lecturer – the list goes on.


...while digital trainings are more dependent on activities before and after

A webinar should not be longer than 2-3 hours. Instead we must find suitable activities before and after, to create a coherent whole.


The transition can feel daunting

Time is short

Classroom-based trainings must quickly get converted into a digital format.

No more full days

There’s less time available in a virtual classroom.

Therefore we must put content before and after

A new environment

The virtual classroom is new and unknown to many. Where do you even start?


We’re here to help in your digital transition

We’ve got both the knowledge and the tools to help your training succeed in the digital space. Together we’ll find what type of digital intervention best suits your trainings and audience.

Our expertise


We provide professional support to succeed with concept development, the move to the digital space and how you can get started creating digital content.

Technical guidance

We help you set up additional tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Zoom, which you will need to start hosting virtual trainings.

Need more help?
Then we’ll take care of that as well!

Our tool

Digital content before and after

The tool lets you easily create, schedule and send your digital content to all participants.

No new system to keep track of

Participants get a direct link to the content via SMS or email. That means that there’s no need to learn a new system when enrolling in your training.

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Together we’ll solve your digital puzzle

Step 1

Upstart meeting where we’ll create a plan

We’ll start with an upstart meeting where we listen to your specific needs and prerequisites.

  1. 1

    Together we’ll create an action plan of how our journey together should look.

  2. 2

    We’ll show you how different training concepts can look in the digital world.

  3. 3

    We’ll introduce you to video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

  4. 4

    We’ll introduce you to our micro training tool where you can start creating your own digital content.

Step 2

Getting started with the micro training tool

Our micro training tool is designed specifically to support both virtual and physical trainings, as well as creating fully digital trainings.

  • Answer need-finding questions about your training and get a custom structure to use.

  • Adjust the suggested structure so that it fully matches your training.

  • Create micro trainings that are sent before and after. Our templates are there to help.

  • Get more time over for other preparations by scheduling all micro trainings in advance.

clock with hand

We make sure time is not an issue

Use our templates to get started right away

Creating content from scratch is hard. That’s why we provide you with templates as you get started using our tool, as well as guides on how to go about designing the content.

...or leave all the work to our team

If you feel that there simply isn’t enough time, you can just send us all the content you wish to have in your digital training, and we’ll help you create and schedule your micro trainings.


Get in touch today!

Our team is ready to take on your challenges within digitization of trainings. Get in touch now and hear back from us the same day.

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Heard from our closest customers

Chief HR Officer

Maria Lindgren

Chief HR Officer

"Working with Knowly hasn’t just given us access to their platform – their team has also helped us rethink how we as a retail organization can design training initiatives with transfer in mind"

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Stefan Haglund


"For us and many of our colleagues in the industry, the spring of 2020 meant that we quickly had to transform a number of trainings from being classroom based to being remote compatible. Since Knowly were already our provider of digital supplements for our trainings, asking them for help in reshaping our trainings amidst the virus crisis was natural for us. It has been a pleasure working together with Knowly on this. They’re knowledgeable, innovative, fast and incredibly fun to work with!"



Personalized follow-up with Freddie the Coach

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Freddie the Digital Coach

Helps participants reflect and facilitates support from colleagues and managers.

With Freddie the Coach you can offer individual follow-up after your training without having to spend time on administration of email addresses or creating content.

Participants self-register, pick supporters and automatically receive follow-ups on the job. As a trainer you can now monitor the progress through an easy-to-use interface.

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