Without Knowly

Training participant

The training session was inspiring, but I’ve forgotten most of what was brought up.

I would probably have needed more support when I got back from the training.

I never got around to practicing the things we learned. My daily duties got in the way.

With Knowly

In the classroom

Participants create action plan using mobiles

At the training, the participant registers and writes his or her own action plan using a smartphone, setting goals and reflecting on possible obstacles.

...and chooses a personal supporter

The supporter, often a manager or colleague, receives suggestions via email on how to support the participant in realizing the action plan.

The weeks after the classroom

Virtual coach follows up each week

Each week, the participants get coaching questions from Knowly’s virtual coach at a time that fits their schedule. The questions help the participant reflect on progress and set new goals.

Supporters encourage on the job

The participants’ supporters get instructions on good ways to offer help. If a supporter wants more reading or an extra challenge, he or she can ask for that.

The support the participants receive is tailored to each individual.

Times that fit the participant’s schedule

Vacations and full schedules easily get in the way of follow-ups after a training. That’s why Knowly’s virtual coach gets in touch at a time that each participant chooses for him or herself.

Possible to continue after 3 weeks

Knowly’s regular follow-up program lasts for three weeks after a training. After that, each participant is asked if he or she wants to receive additional follow-up coaching over an even longer period.

Spend your energy creating magic in the classroom. We’ll take care of the follow-up.

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